Welcome to Prindle House Publishing’s Virtual Fundraising Event!

Are you ready to make a difference while indulging in captivating stories? Join our virtual fundraising event brought to you by Prindle House Publishing, where every book purchase supports education and opens doors to a world of imagination.

Why Choose Our Virtual Fundraiser:

📖 Diverse Collection: Explore our carefully curated selection of 25 children’s books, ensuring there’s something enchanting for every young reader.

🌟 Empower Schools: We’re passionate about education. That’s why we’re donating 50% of all proceeds to schools, helping them thrive and create brighter futures for students.

🏆 Exciting Prizes: Unlock the thrill of competition! Top sellers earn fantastic rewards like Amazon, GameStop, and Fortnite gift cards. And don’t miss the ultimate challenge for a chance to win a $100 Grand Prize.

📚 Fueling Imagination: Our books are more than just stories. They’re catalysts for creativity and knowledge, nurturing young minds.

How It Works:

Browse & Choose: Discover our captivating collection of children’s books, from magical adventures to heartwarming tales.

Support Schools: With every purchase, you’re directly contributing to the growth and development of schools in your community.

Epic Prizes: Become a top seller and indulge in amazing prizes. It’s not just about books; it’s an adventure to remember!

Join the Adventure:

Start your journey to support education today. Dive into a world of stories, growth, and giving back. Let’s create a brighter future for our schools together.

Explore the Collection

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Note: Prindle House Publishing’s virtual fundraising event brings together reading and support for schools like never before. Our diverse collection of books offers something for every reader, while our engaging prizes make fundraising an exciting adventure. Plus, with 50% of proceeds benefiting schools, every purchase counts. Get involved and make a lasting impact today!


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