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Do you have the desire to publish your own book? Get published now! This is your chance to Co-Author a book with established writers in one of our best selling “Mommy’s Pleasure, Children’s Treasure” book series.


Discover Your Literary Legacy with Prindle House Anthology Series

Are you ready to make your mark in the world of literature? Look no further than Prindle House’s captivating anthology series. As a trailblazing author, you’ll find an exceptional opportunity to shine among celebrated authors, influencers, and emerging voices, all converging around a shared theme.

Why Choose Prindle House Anthology Series?

At Prindle House, we’re not just a publishing company; we’re your creative partners. Our anthology series isn’t just a chance to see your work in print – it’s a journey to elevate your writing to new heights. Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Inclusive Community: From Fresh Faces to Established Stars

Our anthology series features a dynamic blend of literary talents, ranging from established best-selling authors to rising stars and even renowned celebrities. This convergence offers you the perfect platform to contribute your unique voice to a diverse tapestry of stories.

  1. Comprehensive Support: Coaching, Editing, and Beyond

At Prindle House, we’re committed to your success. We don’t just publish your work; we offer personalized coaching and professional editing services that refine your story, ensuring it resonates powerfully with readers. Our all-inclusive media kit and marketing plan empower you to showcase your work to the world.

  1. Empowerment Through Ownership: Keep Your Story’s Rights

We believe in giving you creative control. After the anthology is released, we provide you with the files to your individual story. This means you retain the rights to your work while gaining the instant credibility and name recognition that being part of our anthology series brings.

  1. Versatility Across Genres: Your Story, Your Way

Whether your storytelling leans toward children’s literature or spans various genres and styles, there’s a place for you at Prindle House. Our anthology series embraces writers of all levels, offering a stage for every unique narrative.


  1. Ghostwriting Services: Crafting Stories on Your Behalf

Don’t want to write but have an incredible story to share? Prindle House offers expert ghostwriting services to bring your ideas to life. Collaborate with our skilled writers and see your vision take shape.

Seize Your Literary Legacy Today

Join a league of exceptional writers by becoming part of the Prindle House Anthology Series. Transform your narrative into a published masterpiece and tap into the tools you need to amplify its impact. Whether you’re an aspiring author or a seasoned storyteller, this is your chance to shape the literary landscape.

Start Your Anthology Journey Today!

Register now and embark on a publishing adventure that’s fueled by creativity, diversity, and boundless possibilities.

Elevate your voice. Enrich the world. Become a part of Prindle House Anthology Series.

Unleash Your Story with Prindle House Anthology Series – Your Path to Diverse Publishing Success!

Step into the spotlight with the Prindle House Anthology Series – where your story becomes part of a vibrant literary mosaic. Elevate your writing through tailored coaching, expert editing, and a comprehensive media kit. Own your narrative with individual story files, retaining rights while gaining recognition. From best-sellers to emerging voices, our inclusive community welcomes all genres and levels. Don’t just publish – create your legacy with Prindle House.

Product Features and Benefits:

Inclusive Community: Join celebrated authors, influencers, and fresh voices, uniting under a shared theme.

Personalized Support: Professional coaching, expert editing, media kit, and marketing plan amplify your story’s impact.

Creative Ownership: Retain rights to your story, gain credibility, and name recognition in the literary world.

Genre Versatility: Anthologies for all genres and writing levels, including children’s literature.

Ghostwriting Services: Collaborate with skilled writers to bring your ideas to life effortlessly.

Path to Recognition: Instantly become part of a league of exceptional writers.

Transformative Publishing: Shape the literary landscape and enrich the world with your narrative.

Join the Prindle House Anthology Series today and shape the future of diverse and engaging literature.

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