Young Writer Program


The Young Writers Program is an effort to increase youth’s interest in writing and publishing by support, encouragement and workshops from other published authors. The Young Writers Program is an eight to twelve week program focusing on topics such as main ideas, expository and narrative writing, closing with great conclusions and other standardized skills required by the state to prepare our youth for writing and reading during testing. For students who have a love for writing and illustrating, we have a monthly meetup to discuss different aspects of publishing and to showcase their work. These students often assist with testing book ideas, themes, courses, and light edit of other kid centered projects.

The writing program also conducts Reading Celebrations, Word Wars and Battle of the Books separately. Our Reading Celebration celebrates the top three students and the one most improved in each grade level every month during the school year. Word Wars is a contest between individual students, classes or schools to increase vocabulary usage in the form of stories, etc. Battle of the Books is an effort to enhance youth love of reading with a competition of who reads the most books from a participating class or school and tests for reading comprehension in the final face off competition. The Young Writers Workshop, Reading Celebration, Word Wars and Battle of the Books have really cool prizes that inspire our youth to read, comprehend, write and publish.

The Writing Express

Changing the world one story at a time


Story Creations From Imagination Station

By: Andrew Robinson Elementary


What will I create today?

By: North Shore Elementary Students

Young Writers 2010

Write BIG!

By: Jacksonville Country Day School,
Florida Bonded Pools and
Prindle House Publishing

Young Writers 2011 (Vol I – II)

Write BIG!

By: Jacksonville Country Day School,
Duval County Public Schools and
Prindle House Publishing

Debt Series

Shows you how to survive the pitfalls of debt.

By: Twyla Prindle



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