Are you ready to write and share your story for the 27 Things I’d Do differently as
an Adult anthology series?

This is your chance to join a group of inspiring authors and be part of a powerful
and inspiring collection of stories. You will have the opportunity to share your
wisdom and experiences with the world, while learning valuable skills and
strategies to help you become a successful author and entrepreneur.

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Kindly fill up the form on the button below and upload your submissions.

For a limited time, you can join the anthology series for an investment of just
$1529 to be a lead author, or $997 to be a contributing author. You will receive 8
weeks of coaching on writing and profiting from your stories, plus receive 30-100
copies of your work, along with marketing materials to help promote your

This is an incredible opportunity to join a powerful and inspiring anthology series,
and your story could be shared with the world.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to join the series.

Note: Kindly pick one of the 27 things you are going to
write about:

1. Invest More in Retirement
2. Live Below My Means
3. Build an Emergency Fund
4. Take More Risks
5. Plan for the Future
6. Buy Insurance

7. Negotiate Better
8. Track Spending Habits
9. Pay Off Credit Card Balances
10. Limit Impulse Purchases
11. Set Financial Goals
12. Create a Budget
13. Shop Around for Better Rates
14. Take Advantage of Tax Breaks
15. Automate Savings
16. Invest in Myself
17. Learn About Money
18. Diversify Investments
19. Minimize Fees
20. Review Finances Regularly
21. Save for Retirement
22. Take Advantage of Employer Benefits
23. Get Professional Financial Advice
24. Don’t Rely on Social Security
25. Prepare for Unexpected Expenses
26. Utilize Technology
27. Prioritize Financial Education for Kids

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