What Would You Do with A Hundred Bucks?

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by Twyla Prindle

What Would You Do with a Hundred Bucks? A Kid's Guide to Saving and Investing is a fun and informative guide to teaching kids the basics of financial literacy. Written by Twyla Prindle, founder of Kash Kids, Inc. and author of more than a dozen dozen financial literacy books for kids, this book is perfect for parents and teachers looking for a way to help kids understand the importance of saving and investing. The book covers topics such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, savings account, money market accounts and more. It includes activities and games that make learning about money fun and engaging. With this book, kids can learn the basics of saving and investing and gain the confidence to make smart money decisions.

7 reviews for What Would You Do with A Hundred Bucks?

  1. Lathan Baldwin

    It was a boy and a girl named Twyla and John. Twyla suggested that they combined their money but John wanted to invest it but Twyla wanted to save the money. John’s personality is like I do it on my own and Twyla is a team player. I relate to John because I like to make different plans. A connection between me and John is we like to do other stuff to see how it works.

  2. William – Student

    The main characters John and Twyla, their personality is curious. Their thoughts is “which can make the most money? Investing or Saving?” Their action is happy and nice. I can relate to Twyla because I’m trying to save money until I reach $100. The main lesson is about saving money and investing is the best way to make money.

  3. Meriyah – Student

    John and Twyla are relatable characters. I found Twyla relatable because I like saving money. I relate to the story because sometimes I like to save my money.

  4. Kroy – Student

    John is smart and in investing his money same as Twyla she is smart because she saves her money. I found Twyla relatable because when I get my money. If I have a pocket full of money I save my money then spend it. I learned that when you save money, your money is sleeping but if you invest your money the money is working for you and it made me think differently.

  5. Daven Mills

    Two kids choose to share their money and one kid wants to save their money but the other one wants to spend their money.

  6. Jashunn

    Two kids get a hundred bucks and John gets more bucks than Twyla. John is saving his money.

  7. Andreyah Jones

    Twyla and John had 100$ and they were wondering what they could do with it. Twyla had an idea that she could save it up and eventually make 200$ but john had other plans. John wanted to invest his money.He found that stocks are a form of ownership in a company. So they put their money in their savings accounts.

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