Frugal Freeda’s Soap Making STEM Kit


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Embark on a fun and educational adventure with Frugal Freeda’s Soap Making STEM Kit! Inspired by the delightful story of Frugal Freeda, who is determined to earn money for a new video game, this kit combines learning with creativity to engage young minds in the exciting world of STEM and entrepreneurship.

What’s Included:
  1. Frugal Freeda’s Soap Making Guidebook:
    • Follow along with Frugal Freeda’s journey as she learns the art of soap making to earn money for her new video game. The guidebook includes step-by-step instructions, fun facts about soap making, and tips for creating unique soap designs.
  2. Soap Making Supplies:
    • High-quality soap base
    • Assorted soap molds
    • Natural colorants and fragrances
    • Mixing tools and pipettes
  3. Educational Activities:
    • Learn about the science behind soap making, including the chemical reactions that occur.
    • Explore concepts such as measurements, ratios, and mixing techniques.
  4. Entrepreneurship Workbook:
    • Engage in interactive activities that teach basic financial literacy concepts, such as budgeting, pricing, and profit calculation.
    • Develop a business plan for selling the soap creations, just like Frugal Freeda!
  5. Online Resources:
    • Access additional learning materials, videos, and tutorials to enhance the soap making experience.

Key Features:
  • Hands-On Learning: Encourages hands-on exploration and experimentation, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • STEM Education: Introduces fundamental STEM concepts in a practical and engaging way, suitable for elementary-aged students.
  • Entrepreneurship: Inspires entrepreneurial thinking by connecting the soap making activity to real-world business concepts.
  • Creativity: Allows students to express their creativity through the design and creation of unique soap creations.
  • Storytelling: Connects the hands-on activities to a relatable story, making learning more meaningful and memorable.

Ideal for:
  • Elementary school students interested in STEM, entrepreneurship, and creative activities.
  • Educators looking for a hands-on, interdisciplinary activity to enhance their curriculum.
  • Parents seeking a fun and educational project for their children to enjoy at home.

Join Frugal Freeda on her exciting journey and discover the joy of creating your own soap masterpieces while learning valuable STEM and entrepreneurial skills!


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